Weekly Dev Blog November Week 4

Weekly Dev Blog November Week 4


We’re getting really close to being able to wrap up mission 2, the whole of scripting is completed and now it’s time for balancing.  Also we’ll be making sure all the dialogue is locked in so we can get some professional voice actors to record and replace the existing dialogue with new.  I’ve been talking with some members of the team about some of the next mission (mission 3) and making sure we can hit the ground running as soon as Vacancy is released.  Our goal is to be able to release mission 3 in significantly less time than it took for mission 2. No screenshots from me this week as we hope to have Vacancy out to the public before long, stay tuned!



My last few weeks were mainly focused on polishing up Vacancy Day 1 and putting together a turn-over for Lawrence. I’ve also added a few little easter eggs and cleaned up random code.

It’s been a pleasure working on this project and also interacting with the community. I wish the team and the project great success. While no game will be able to satisfy every single player out there, I hope that the majority will enjoy the final project. I very much look forward to it!

Peace out.



I was out of town the week leading up to this week, and most of this last week has been dedicated to some behind the scenes businessy stuff. But! I have been working on some art for the molotov cocktail and doing some light research into the best way to simulate the liquid inside without breaking all the budgets.

I’m also taking some time to finally learn Substance Painter so i can finally ditch (or at least expand past) my old photoshop/xnormal workflow. Looking forward to the time savings when I get up to speed with Painter.




This week I have been going full-out designing the audio for Vacancy, the map is huge and is therefore a lot of work to keep it sounding not only real, but also varied as you traverse around it. I have also added new sound events that are being implemented into our thrown weaponry, which many of you have noticed was a bit rough around the edges in places. All this, as well as resolving a few bugs we’ve had with WWISE.

Lawrence & Paul

This week we have been fleshing out the existing framework of the Vacancy: Day level and iterating on our existing level scripting to make this level all that it can be, and adding animations to our characters. Most notable is the new system put in place so zombies can treat other AI as players too, which was most definitely needed for some of the challenges you will soon face!