Weekly Dev Blog November Week 2!

Weekly Dev Blog November Week 2!


My time this week was divided between the up and coming mission 2 level, but as we expect to have that done in the near future I took this week to revisit our mission 3 level and get that ready for full production.  Mission 3 is tentatively called “Charlie” and takes place in an old classic style mansion. We do not want to talk yet about the mission itself as it pertains to gameplay, but it’s going to be unique to anything we have yet done so far and hope you will like it!  As always, here are a couple of teaser shots, enjoy!


This week was all about getting Mission 2, Vacancy into the testers hands. And I am happy to report that Day 1 (there are two days) is complete and in testing. Other than testing and bug-fixing Day 1, I added new events to the Event Manager and consolidated a lot of Dialogue logic into one simple Dialogue Event Manager for 2-way conversations with NPCs as well as talking to oneself.


I’ve been tying together the art, scripting, and game-play for the new mission, Vacancy. Nothing super glamorous yet, just giving a second pass to the groundwork laid down by Lawrence and Paul. There should be some cool stuff to show on that front soon though.  Other than that, I’ve been helping Brian here and there with some minor audio related blueprint work problems. This blog is going to be kind of short cause there just isn’t too much to talk about (or even screenshots to take!). Hopefully next week should bring some better goodies to the table.


This week I have been putting together the audio needed for the upcoming missions, from creating general sound effects and migrating ue4 audio sound effects to WWISE, to all the dialogs we need for initial play-testing. I have also got to the bottom of the audio distortion in Dustbowl and at the same time improved performance (they were both tied together, the issue was an excess of spatialization portals causing the sound engine to overload).

Lawrence & Paul

This week we have been creating the latest high-threat archetype: the “Boss Riot”. Similar in appearance to the original riot, this version has more health, does more damage, and a massively upgraded attack system with a powerful ground-pound area attack, and a high-energy charge that the player will have to dodge (or risk getting trampled) – but should you trick it into smashing into a wall, it will get staggered allowing you to get those killing shots in.