Update 4 Full Release!

Update 4 Full Release!

Hey all, after a successful alpha and beta, we are happy to present to you Update 4 in Full Release!Lots of bug fixes, general user experience improvements, menu options, audio fixes and the first expansion to Free Roam. You will also notice when you start, you will launch into our new Main Menu.

As with every major release, if you ever find something strange happening in your game, we highly recommend Verifying File Integrity.

Please submit bug reports either on Steam or on our Discord (faster responses and can real-time chat with devs as well as the other 1600 members!): Discord.gg

Update 5 will have a revamp of firearm weapon interactions as well as a fleshed out experience in the “shooting range”. We are also looking into Mission 2 finally gracing you all with its appearance.

Lastly, don’t forget to update or leave reviews!

Without further ado here are Update 4’s Release Notes:

New Additions

Main Menu
Resource Gathering
Resource Inventory
Dustbowl is now accessible in Free Roam via a car

New Menu Options

Grip Angle Adjustment
Floor Height Adjustment
Advanced Graphics Settings
Difficulty Settings
Audio Settings


-Tutorial has added “tidits” at the end (currently not localized)
-Audio added or modified in practically all levels (we might still be missing some, please comment if you find any audio missing!) making the UE4 to WWise full-integration much closer.
-Audio performance has increased
-Shooting Range down in the basement of the Free Roam apartment complex now has an easier way to interact with it (more gamemodes to come in the next update!)
-Zombies now “feel” pain, should give better visual feedback that they have been hit
-Free Roam now has “two-way transportation”, be it via doors or cars, like you would expect in real-life.
-Removed Kitchen Candle Save in Outbreak as it was causing too many issues, but added a special Checkpoint Save when getting the bedroom key
-Made firearm interactive parts flash shorter and only plays once per grip and everytime you are out of ammo (can be disabled via Immersion Mode)
-Zombies hit more reliably when player is rushing past them.
-Added more placed batteries in Outbreak campaign
-Flashlight is now energy efficient – Increased flashlight battery life by 50%!
-Can only save in Apartment for Free Roam, but all items socketed will now load in bedroom shelves.
-If you die in Free Roam, you will be transported back to the Apartment with all progress lost, reloading the previous Free Roam save.

Bug Fixes

-Multiplayer is working again and should be easier to get into games, even after just leaving one.
-Zombies no longer always get distracted by barricades if it’s pushed aside and the player is right in front of them.
-Zombies now save properly.
-Watch alarm only plays in Tutorial start now (or when close to death)
-Keycards can now be held and will be saved while transitioning between levels
-The Audio issues in Dustbowl when high ping was introduced are no more
-Fixed shooting range wall-mounted firearms that were sticking to the walls after releasing them…by deleting them.
-Fixed a crapton of random Interim, Campaign and Free Roam save issues
-Ziplines now reset properly when letting go of them
-When using toggle grip, hands won’t break when inserting single rounds into shotguns
-Can no longer teleport out of containers in Dustbowl Multiplayer
-Dead servers (servers with 0 players.. 0/6) should no longer show up.
-Car crash should no longer reset on Outbreak city map load.
-And many more bugs squashed that didn’t make the list.