Weekly Dev Blog October Week 2

Weekly Dev Blog October Week 2


This week other than completing the level art for the new main menu map (I hope you like it!), I’ve been adding more varied lighting to Vertigo, and more importantly adding in those vertical pathing options like scaffolding sections and ladders.  As always, here are a few preview images.


This week’s been all about the options options options. Between refactoring logic, cleaning up the menu UI, adding nw elements, I’ve added support for changing the floor height (increments and decrements by .5 uus), so it should take care of those edge cases where floor isn’t calibrated correctly for whatever reason. Also added Grip Angle adjustments (+/- 1 degree). For Vive/WMR they start at 0, Rift players will start at 60. Also added difficulty modes, which (for now anyway) will adjust zed HP levels and attack damage.

  • Newb – Will allow one-headshot kills for most cases, easier to dismember zombies, and lower attack damage

  • Normal – Basically how we envisioned the gameplay

  • Hard –  For those that aren’t challenged enough, takes more headshot to down zeds, harder to dismember and higher atk damage

  • Contagion – For those crazy enough to try this, I’ll be making sure to have a special achievement for you all.

We want to do more with difficulty levels, but for now this was quick and easy to implement.

Other than that, bug killing like always.


I’ve been tying together the art, scripting, and gameplay for the new mission, Vacancy. Nothing super glamorous yet, just giving a second pass to the groundwork laid down by Lawrence and Paul. There should be some cool stuff to show on that front soon though.  Other than that, I’ve been helping Brian here and there with some minor audio related blueprint work problems. This blog is going to be kind of short cause there just isn’t too much to talk about (or even screenshots to take!). Hopefully next week should bring some better goodies to the table.

Brian & Lawrence

This week we have been working further on the dynamic audio framework for items – we have refined and iterated upon the hinge-based interactables, and put into place a rather juicy setup for “sloshy” interactables. Also we got to the bottom of the “off” fadeout of the UH 60 flyby audio, fixed some issues with the saving of the audio controls, put in place saving of the graphics options (at last!), and finally fixed the “front flipping soldier” (see before and after below)


Few days ago I wrapped up all the core animations and ABP framework for main gameplay segments in Mission 2. Now it is being passed along the pipeline to Alex to hook it up with the actual gameplay.

With that being completed, I am redirecting my efforts into the polish animation pass which means creating background NPCs, cinematic sequences and all the juicy details that make the level immersive and alive.