Sneak Peak: Resource Gathering

Sneak Peak: Resource Gathering






It’s been a very busy week, between getting everything ready to finalize the launch of Update 3, and some of us preparing for Hurricane Florence on the East Coast.


We’ll have a proper Dev Blog out this week, but wanted to show off a little bit of something coming in Update 4.


Resource Gathering


So this is a very early version of the gathering, but basically, you’ll be able to find these resources scattered throughout the Free Roam areas. Once found and grabbed, they will “magically” be added to your inventory.


We’ve had discussions about a “gathering bag/pouch” where you dump the items in. But for this first pass, we want to make it easy and simple to gather.

Just stock up until you have enough of the resources you need to start crafting or repairing something. More on crafting and repairing in the near future.

Enjoy :steamhappy: