Closing Up Shop…

Closing Up Shop…


It is with great sadness that I have to say that we will be closing up shop…

the Alpha branch shop that is…


I had hoped by opening it up to the public, that more of the community would jump in to try out new features, help us out with bug reports and allow us to release updates faster. But over the past month, only a few fine folks have done just that. It was a decent experiment. It failed. Moving on now.

If you would like to help us out with testing the newest features and content, you will have to sign up to become a tester.

Early Access Tester Program

Step 1: Join Discord:
Step 2: Go to #forms-and-surveys
Step 3: Fill out Beta Playtester request.
Step 4: Wait until I’ve reviewed it to be accepted into the program

Benefits To Becoming A Tester

  • You get access to the latest content and gameplay features exclusively before anyone else!

  • You help refine gameplay through your valuable input before the public has had a chance to

  • You will meet and interact with some of the most passionate community members that have been instrumental to the development of the game

  • You will be credited in the game, allowing you to add it to your resume/CV or just so you can show your name off to your friends and family

  • In the future, get access to special in-game rewards as well as some IRL ones (swag)

Close one, one remains and a new one pops up

While we’re closing up Alpha. Beta will still remain, just know that it is going to take a long time to get new content over to Beta in between updates. Just a look at how long it’s been since our last “proper main” update (and we’ve been working hard since release). It’s been about 6 weeks. Alpha had been updated almost everyday, if not at least every other day. But sadly, the lack of testing and bug reports does hinder our ability to just “publish new content” without a backlash as we developers have to test/bug report our own and it takes away from new content development.

LIV-Mixed-Reality branch has opened up for LIV users:steamhappy:. Public/Beta branches will not offer LIV support in the future. It will be completely separate from the main Main/Beta branch due to how LIV works. It is actually less performant overall, so if you are not using LIV, do not jump onto this branch.


Come chat with us and over 1500 fellow community members about the game. Talk about features you want added, or just chat randomly in off-topic.


Jump on Twitch: to see daily live streams of the game’s development. Today I’m a bit behind, but I’m striving for 12PM EST to 2PM EST daily. Roughly 2 hour streams from now on. Almost did 600 hours last month:steamfacepalm:. Trying to cut back 😉