Hello Survivors!

We are so close to a PSVR Release! We can’t go into detail quite yet, but standby for news next week! Before we jump back on that we have a few things to fill you in on!

Mission 4 Biotec:

We are finished with level layout and have optimized extensively thanks to Jason. We have already started on scripting. We are very excited to get this mission out for all to play. I know you guys have enjoyed the screenshots and sneak peeks, while on occasion joining Jason on his live streams. For those that enjoyed the feel of the first mission, this will come back in full gear. As we mentioned in our other announcements, this is our biggest map. Truly epic!


We have included many fixes and are preparing to add more weapons. Some weapons will be receiving an updated audio pass. There have been many fixes which are coming very soon. We will include the patch list in our patch update.


Original Contagion:

Don’t forget, last week of October Mike will be playing on community map servers and official servers so join us! From Escape and Extraction to Hunted! It will be a fun-filled week giving out free codes on live stream! 

Contagion Mods!

Media and Feedback:

This Halloween the team will be hosting an AMA on Monochrome titles and what comes next! So be sure to join us. We will open a Reddit post so ask your questions there and have your answers heard on October 31st!

Speaking of media, if you have Contagion related videos and haven’t already submitted it to us, send it our way! 

And please if you ever have any feedback, don’t just leave it in your videos. Reach out to us and give us your suggestions or concerns! We can’t always review “Let’s Play” videos as much as we do enjoy it. If your feedback is strictly in your videos or in your reviews, rather than on our forums or discord, it gives us an extra challenge having to dig for your input. 

We appreciate all feedback you may give us, and those who have already submitted your feedback, we couldn’t have made it this far without you. You guys rock and we have continued to make sure we tweak and polish the game to making the best game that we can! Keep it up! 

Our next post will include more information about PSVR and the AMA, but until then all we can say about PSVR release is soon ™.


We are now in concept phase for our next project. And will try to start work as soon as able. We are going to be hitting our 10 year anniversary this December! 

What does this mean for the original Contagion and Contagion VR: Outbreak?

We have found a programming candidate and are finalizing onboarding to fix Contagion game breaking bugs. We’ve compiled a list for them to work on.

And for Contagion VR: Outbreak we still plan on finishing the story! So fret not!

More good things  to come!

See you guys week of Halloween and Day of the dead!