2019 Devblog #1

2019 Devblog #1

Jason and Alex

This week I’ve been sick (boooo).  Today however I’m feeling much better (yayyyyy).  There is some quite exciting news to share, we are very close to releasing the next update which will include our new checkpoint system.  We would like to thank everyone for being so patient while we worked on this important addition to the game. We’ve always wanted to deliver a challenging game, but without a proper working save system the game was too punishing and a source of a lot of frustration to anyone who perished to a pack of zombies.  We hope to have the checkpoint system live as early as next week, it’s currently in testing.

We’ve updated mission 1 “Outbreak” and added in a new weapon to the game.  It’s the first true bolt action sniper rifle, and you’ll find it on the roof in place of the m16 that used to be there.  It works just how you would expect, after every shot you’ll need to work the bolt action to chamber the next round. Additionally, you can change the magnification by interacting with the scope, there are 3 levels of magnifications so it’s a viable option at shorter or longer distances.  



I’ve been working on creating low, med, mech, and tail layers for all of our weapons to give it that AAA touch. After organizing my tools, setting up presets, and base weapons you will all hear new audio when it comes to our firearms. This also means you should all be seeing quite a few new firearms in-game. Lastly I touched up quite a bit of audio after doing a quick Unreal Engine 4.21 pass that I will do a more meticulous pass on here shortly.

Lawrence & Paul

This week we have been building and putting into place a brand new, bespoke save system to replace the buggy original implementation which will ease some of the frustration of dying during the current campaigns. We have been further refining the checkpoint and way point system to improve the user experience. Also, more polish has gone into the death sequence.

We haven’t forgotten about the Sticky Grip Control bug, it is next in our priority bug fix, and will start on it after the save system is live. Thanks again for your patience. We are so close!