Weekly Dev Blog October Week 3

Weekly Dev Blog October Week 3


This week I’ve been back focusing my efforts on the second and upcoming mission tentatively called “Vacancy” which we hope to have moved over into testing soon! The script as of just last night is unofficially done, pending any last minute revisions. In the meantime, here are a couple of updated screenshots.


This week I mainly focused on bug fixing. Starting off with Multiplayer, making sure players can first find and join new games as well as join them after they are done with one but found other issues (mainly from Audio). Optimized the Main Menu a bit, there was a lot of unnecessary things going on in there that no one would have noticed or cared about.

Fixed a whole bunch of Free Roam save issues and also created a storage place for the gear that’s socketed on the player when Free Roam is loaded. That’s inside the apartment bedroom, where you will be spawning into now.

Worked on revamping the “Shooting” Range, not sure what we’ll call this in the future, but it’s going to have more than just firearms to play with and use. But the first step was the player interactions and that required a whole new setup. That’s pretty much done and currently tied into the old logic of the range. In Update 5, that’s when I am going to go all ham in there, creating new game modes and adding leaderboards and other tidbits, so if you’re waiting on new missions or a multiplayer game, you can just blow off some steam inside the Range.


I’ve been tying together the art, scripting, and gameplay for the new mission, Vacancy. Nothing super glamorous yet, just giving a second pass to the groundwork laid down by Lawrence and Paul. There should be some cool stuff to show on that front soon though. Other than that, I’ve been helping Brian here and there with some minor audio related blueprint work problems. This blog is going to be kind of short cause there just isn’t too much to talk about (or even screenshots to take!). Hopefully next week should bring some better goodies to the table.


This week I have focused on dialing down and fixing the issues reported with sound in multiplayer sessions, as well as optimizing and polishing the audio within the current and future missions, tuning the volumes and attenuation and spatialization for optimum performance and quality. This work has been time consuming, but is vital for the AAA VR feel we are striving for.

Lawrence & Paul

As well as bug fixing and polishing previous work, we have spent much of this week collaborating on by far the most ambitious zombie archetype in the game so far. As well as being able to swipe, lunge and dive at players; now the runners have an advanced AI climbing and parkour system that allows them to not only run faster than a player, but also to be able to vault over fences, dive over large obstacles, wall run/climb up to high places and dive off buildings in order to get their prey (you).