Weekly Devblog September Week 4

Weekly Devblog September Week 4


This week I’ve still been grinding away on Vertigo, starting to detail out the factory district and more interior buildings. I’ll be transitioning over shortly to work on the next up and coming single player mission, which we hope to have released in the not too distant future! More teaser pics of Vertigo inbound next week, stay tuned!



I worked on a recipe UI redesign so it would be easier to add new recipes for crafting in the future. Other than that, I have been at Oculus Connect 5, so my time has been limited this week.



It’s been back to the firing range this week. When it’s all said and done, it should have multiple game types and an overhauled UI. No screenshots for now (most of the back end work isn’t very screenshot worthy) but it will have some visual updates soon. By this time next week there should be some pretty sweet stuff to show off!


Lawrence & Brian


This week alongside squashing some rather nefarious bugs still resident within the system; we have been focusing on enhancing the audio framework of the game in several key areas. Primarily we have implemented granular control of the audio bus in the form of the long-awaited volume controls, as well as chasing down and replacing some of the last remaining non-WWISE audio events to improve the uniform quality of the sounds within the game. As well as this, we have been working on creating and implementing dynamic procedural audio for some of the key interact-able objects in the game such as doors, drawers, and containers to further increase the sense of immersion that gives Contagion:VR its signature feel.


This week I have been continuing to carve a path through the mountain of animation, sequencing, rigging and implementing required for the satisfactory first pass of campaign mission two: Vacancy. So much more is needed, but with every hour spent the mission is further brought to life; the world more full, and enticing. It will take many more weeks until it has become all that it can be, but progress is swiftly and steadily being made!