Update 3 Beta is LIVE!

Update 3 Beta is LIVE!


Alright folks, after testing it a bunch and confirming nothing game-breaking, pushing this out to Beta. There’s some polish needed in a few areas but Slot Saving is fully working, Tutorial is good, and Outbreak’s finale is more fleshed out!

Slot Saving



So basically, these candles are one-time use only. You grab the lighter and press EJECT to open up the Lighter, then USE to light the Lighter. Light up the candle, wait a second for it to burn and then the Slot Saves will appear. Pick one (remember which one) and viola, all your stuff is saved at that point.

Going to want a lot of feedback for this system. All your loves, hates and what not. Post them in the right Steam Forum subsection and/or Discord (https://discord.gg/monochrome) channel please!




Loading is done via the Watch Menu:


And you’ll automatically load into the Ready Room

Ready Room

And here’s the Ready Room with your dead body in it:


The Ready Room will have all the items that you had socketed either on your body or in your backpack as well as what’s held in either hand when saved. On load, you can then recover those items.

The Ready Room gives you time to get reacquainted with what you had on you when you last saved. In the future, it will have some more useful information.

To leave, just go out the door and it will pop you back to the candle you last saved at.



It’s where the Outbreak mission diary was. Outbreak was moved to the kitchen table.

Please help us help you!
Opt into Beta, try it out, give us feedback on the new Slot Saving system, the Tutorial and also the Outbreak mission endings. Together, with your help, we will make this the best VR game ever created.

Discord.gg is the best place for real-time discussions with not only fellow Survivors but also the developers!


If you haven’t already posted one, please consider doing so!

If you have and it’s old, please consider updating it to reflect the current state of the game! Thank you!