Introducing LIV Support in Alpha!

Introducing LIV Support in Alpha!

Introducing LIV Mixed Reality support in Alpha Branch. Most likely LIV will be in its own separate branch on release due to the performance impact it has overall. Also, this currently does not work with Rift users.


Are you a content creator? Want to try out Mixed Reality within Contagion VR: Outbreak?

We’ve just enabled LIV support for VIVE users on Alpha Branch.

LIV on steam

Rift Users

Sadly, this will not work if using the SDK, it will cause a hard crash. The LIV UE4 SDK developer does not own a Rift and did not know about the crash until I posted about it. It looks like it will require me to force OpenVR onto Rift users who want to use LIV.

So what does this mean? We’ll probably open up another branch just for those who want to use LIV (as it does hurt performance a bit anyway) in the near future.

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Check out this wiki:

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