Update #2

Update #2

Enjoy the new firing range (WIP) Read some tooltips in your own native language! (Also WIP, will be using Localization Team very soon!) Enjoy some satisfying MELEE !! And so much more… Please consider editing your reviews (Positive or Negative) to reflect the current state of the game when you give it a shot! As always, thank you very much for all your continued support these past few weeks. We know it’s been a bit rough, we’re sorry, we’re only human. Hopefully, with each and every update you will see that we are NOT just all talk, that we do listen and we do care about your input and this game.


Please note:

  • Your Options Settings on your watch may have changed, please check them prior to playing!

  • If you crash, a bug reporter will appear (if it doesn’t appear, it is not a crash), please fill that out and submit them so we can see the report and fix the issues

  • Please report any bugs (including crashes and performance issues) to the appropriate place as soon as possible! Steam Forums: Bugs , Discord: #outbreak-bugs and/or Twitch: Just jump on and tell me what’s up


  • Added some localization in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, to tooltips in the starting map. This is a work in progress, they will be corrected and expanded upon as time goes on, including subtitles. New languages will appear in the future

  • Guns now highlight slides, as well as firing selections, on grip for 5 seconds. (Does not happen if you are in Immersive Mode)


  • Backpack is no longer able to be opened while holding it (must be fully deployed to the front)

  • Fixed doors that were being rotated incorrectly after level load

  • Fixed alarm watch not going off when you load into the apartment

  • Melee improvements! (Still WIP, but should feel better overall)

  • You will no longer QUIT GAME when pressing certain menu buttons

  • Keycards will no longer duplicate in the backpack


  • Zombies hit players more reliably

  • Zombies no longer clump up together as much as they did before

  • Zombies no longer spaz out and go crazy, sometimes even flying around like a helicopter

  • Zombies no longer appear headless


  • Starting Apartment/Complex redone. Take care as zombies may break into the complex.

  • Firing Range added. The entrance is at the basement of the Apt Complex.


  • Lighter now has correct hand grips

  • If zombies are shot in the leg, they fall down and crawl towards player now


  • Outbreak mission – First Garage area audio redone from scratch

  • Dustbowl (Multiplayer) – parts of the map were redone

  • Footsteps are now more pronounced/working as intended


  • Firing Range logic (first pass), go in and have some fun! It will be continuously improved upon as time goes on. (Go to basement)

  • We need more feature requests/ideas on how to improve the game!!! Submit them via Steam Forums: Feature Requests or Discord: #feature-requests


  • Save/Load system is still a WIP and not ready for production or beta

  • Interim Saving does not allow saving of held items (so don’t hold onto anything between levels)

:steamhappy: Please report any bugs on the Steam subforum: Bugs, on Discord or jump on Twitch and tell me!

Also please consider editing your reviews to reflect the current state of the game, thanks everyone! Stay tuned for the next update! :steamhappy:


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