Bug fixing underway!

Bug fixing underway!

Right at the start of launch, new bugs we did not have during our testing week before launch popped up. Already the team is working through the weekend to make sure many of these bugs are fixed, and already Victor is working on the 5th Hotfix(toggle-grip) live for all to see. Linked below are the other hot fixes released since launch. We are continuing to take everyone’s feedback! You are all helping contribute to shaping this game.


Hotfix 5 (Streaming)


Hotfix 4


Hotfix 3


Hotfix 2



The team will continue to work and clean up so we can get you guys in to enjoy the game as it was meant to be. Send any videos/streams to our discord.



Already we are receiving some pretty good videos! Here some to name a few.


Hope to see you all in Contagion: Outbreak!