May is here, and that means next month is early access! You hear the groans of the hordes approaching, panic in the distance seems to put you on edge… Just in time for the summer! If you have been keeping up on Indiedb and Discord, I’m sure you’ve seen all the latest news and cool media updates. If you haven’t, it’s not too late. Join the community now! We post notifications on Discord so you can get instant behind the scenes access. We also take requests, love to check out fan art, and as always, appreciate your feedback, so be sure to drop by! Expect to see some screenshots of new maps soon!




We get a lot of questions from the community, so here’s a short list of some things we know you guys want to know about:


New FAQ’s


As soon as we can, though not on Early Access Launch.


Early Access when?

Next month!


Full release when?

After Early Access, as soon as we can. No specific date.



Not yet determined, but shooting for the $15 -$25 range.



Apply on discord!



So what else can you do to help? Well let’s spread the word, the zombies are on the way. Share, share, share! Get your friends ready for coop play and pvp for early access next month! In the meantime, implement, optimize and polish!


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