Join Us!

Join Us!

Welcome all! As we move forward with all the feedback, we’d like to invite everyone to submit their Fan art/music inspired by Contagion: Outbreak on our discord! We may just use it! Or just Join us to report any issues or request features. Most requests of features for example, if the demand to have realistic reload on Hardcore mode is high, we will push to get it done. We do need your support! Not to mention you will get early sneak peeks on what we are working on. Also, What would you like added in? Tell us below in the appropriate discord channel!

Come check out our latest trailer, which we used fan submitted music. Special thanks to Cruel Deity & Drummer On The Throne for this track!



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  1. Joint PlayStation!!!!!! We need this !

  2. I alvis thing im the last kid in the iceland if is outbreak

  3. Is there a releaze date

    1. 1H 2018 is our only estimate, could be sooner or later. Depends on a few things, but for now… Soon. <3

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